Stretch Class

Stretch Class is a 30 minute class focusing on flexibility and the strength to hold flexibility skills.  It is open to all registered members for $5 per class.

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Recreational Tumbling

Classes are available from ages 5 and up.  Elementary Beginner is an intro tumbling class for ages 5-8.  Beginner tumbling is an intro class for ages 9 and up. Intermediate I is the introduction to learning a back handspring and Intermediate II is to master the back handspring.  Advance Tumbling is all higher skills such as tucks, layouts, fulls, doubles, etc.

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Acro Tumbling

Acro tumbling teaches the dance tumbling skills.  Athletes must be at an Intermediate I level to join this class.  The focus will be on handstands, walkovers, aerials, rolling tinsicas, headsprings, kip ups, etc.

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Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is our preschool tumbling program.  Children ages 2-5 will learn the fundamentals of tumbling, strength, flexibility, coordination, and listening and socializing skills.

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Ninja Nation

Ninja Junior is the intro class for the Ninja program.  Ninja Junior starts at age 5 and is open to boys and girls.  Ninja Advance is the next step up from Ninja Junior working more advance skills.   Ninja Nation is an invitation only class for boys.  These classes work tumbling skills, wall climbs, strength, obstacles, stamina, etc.

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Allstar FUNdamentals

FUNdamentals is a new program offered by the USASF and Destination 850 to be an introduction to cheerleading.  This will be a 12 week course for 1 hour per week. Cheerleaders will learn a routine and exhibition it at a showcase held by Destination 850.  There are different tiers of routines increasing in difficulty as the cheerleader masters his/her skills.

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