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About Us

Destination: Excellence

Welcome to Destination 850 located in Niceville, FL. 


We provide top notch training in cheerleading and tumbling by our USASF certified staff.  Our goal is to help kids of all ages reach their potential in cheerleading and tumbling and to instill life skills such as confidence, discipline, and integrity into each child to help them beyond their years of cheerleading or tumbling.  The classes at Destination 850 are geared to help each child excel by focusing on stretching, conditioning, basic technique and drills.  Cheerleading is available for ages 3-18 and all skill levels.  Teams will perform at showcases and competitions throughout the year.  

Destination 850 was established in 2018 by Ryan and Shannon Tucker.

Providing you with the best coaches for the best training.

Shannon Tucker

Owner and head coach at Destination 850.

Ryan Tucker

Owner and head coach at Destination 850.

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